Penie Derrick

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 22:56:26 +0000

Pallet wood dog bed. So simple and adorable. Much better looking than your standard dog bed pillow on the floor.


    DIY. Wooden crates. Fruit box. Wooden box. Cajas de madera. Caja de madera. Vintage. Old. Deco. Flowers. Eco deco. Decoration. Forniture.

    Vintage Dog Bed: This vintage pet lounger ($990) is seriously functional and an art piece made with impeccable design.

    that's awesome. lol.

    Arquitetura pensando nos pets!

    Double decker pet bed, so cute

    Cool Dog House Upgrade: Instantly-Endearing Pet Trailer Designs. Unique dog-sized trailers made from environmentally-friendly materials, including recyclable aluminum, plywood and plastic. Pet trailer can even have a lighted interior, wireless speakers, and an adorable personalized license plate.

    Dog Ramp (pine $150)!custom-dog

    Create a stylish place for your dog to relax by building a bed made from an unused side table

    This is the ultimate pet nutrition guide filled with pet tips and advice. This will cover everything from diet to exercise. Must read! Money back guaranteed! #bestforyourpets #petadvice #pettips

    Pallet dog bed

    Super easy bunk bed for the pups. Two feet long, 16 inches deep. Big enough for 4 little dogs. Made out of 3 1x1's, 3 1x2's, and 2 pieces of luan. Cost around $20.00 Folded blankets are used for mattress, but standard pillows fit perfectly.

    This is a pallet wood made baby cradle half moon. First tell me how about the idea overall? You would have seen this wooden article on some huge branded stores carrying a tag of some multiple figures, but don’t get scared here it is pretty free for all the pallet wood crafters.