Erica Katherine

Wed, 28 Dec 2016 03:39:43 +0000

Canaryko's Art Dump!


    the-twelve-realms: art by doodlesfromthebird | princess astraea

    by Canaryko

    high realm problems by on @DeviantArt

    Final from concept art class. The book "Best Served Cold" belongs to Joe Abercrombie

    Welcome to the art blog of Monte Miller/ Freemech. For art commissions, email me…

    Dicen que sus ojos son un portal al cielo, de dia ves las nubes pasar,de noche las estrellas brillan. Es nine la bruja del cielo

    Definitely reminds me of a more modern Liri and Salihn

    too many ships

    Why would someone spend their time, money or just attention to send these cute (but offensive) postcards to people they hate? O.o 15 Cute Postcards For Your Enemies