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    Beautiful Crystal Grid

    looks so tranquil credits: don't know tell me backup: @trippyenergy

    from sea change bliss

    nickirosetta ✧ pinterest

    #Crystal #Mandala

    She who cannot howl will not find her pack

    Athoria & England From:

    'Abundance' Crystal Grid: Purpose: For inviting and feeling deserving of abundance, prosperity and success 
in all areas of your life. Crystals: Amethyst, Chrysoprase, Citrine, Clear Quartz and Peridot. Metatron’s Cube Symbol: Embodies the keys of our Universe, and 5 Platonic Solids from which all life springs. Used for creation, balance and potential.

    At my funeral, I'm gonna tell them to wait until the end to open my casket. And it's empty. And then, they'll turn on the fan and my beheaded, lifeless body will swing down and one of these skull will fall onto the lap of a dear friend who will say, "She always knew how to rock the party." Wait, that came out wrong...

    Crystal beauties

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