Jackson Hole Art Auction

Mon, 23 Feb 2015 23:27:14 +0000

David Shepherd (1931–Present), Elephant Charge, oil on canvas, 29 x 47 in, JHAA 2010 Sold: $51,750

    12-Beaux tableaux d'Adrian Chesterman

    Bull elephant at sunset - photo by George Veltchev, via 500px

    Painting of elephant

    acrylic painting- wow this is beautiful!

    Bellísimo! Que maravilla!

    A print of this painting has been on our lounge wall for 35 years :)

    David Shepherd elephants. If I won the lottery I would commission an original.

    Johan Hoekstra Wildlife Art Collection ...

    elephant art - Aztec Media Yahoo Search Results

    Elephant Sketch copyright David Shepherd

    #Africa, #Laurent-Baheux, #Photo #animals - Africa 2013 by Laurent Baheux

    Queen Suriyothai War Elephant Statue

    Elephant bull

    it's about life..

    Steve Morvell.

    Elephants in Congo

    Charging Elephant, Colin Bradley Art, Colin Bradley, SAA Professional Members Galleries

    Funny Wildlife


    "Enzi" Oil painting on canvas. 9x12. African elephant in dust at sunset. Egrets fly out from the feet.

    SEED OF MEMORY ~ Your highest self has a memory like an elephant. It remembers who you are at your essence, the free spirited inner child that was buried by years of trauma and judgment. Return to the two small words in the middle of remember; ME and BE. There is more ME to BE. Remind yourself: I know who I am. I reclaim my life. I live my truth.