Jackson Hole Art Auction

Mon, 23 Feb 2015 23:27:14 +0000

David Shepherd (1931–Present), Elephant Charge, oil on canvas, 29 x 47 in, JHAA 2010 Sold: $51,750


    The Last Elephants, by Simon Combes MUSEUMEDITION CANVAS

    Savanna Elephants – 2006 Johan Hoekstra Wildlife Art | Johan ...

    Steve Morvell.

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    Elephants, world wildlife

    Storm Over Africa (silkscreen) copyright David Shepherd

    1000x700 agetated sml.jpg (1247×858)

    Photograph Elefant im Amboseli by Alf Drosdziok on 500px

    elephant profile photo | Elephant Face Profile Drawing Elephant Face Profile…

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    A print of this painting has been on our lounge wall for 35 years :)

    Elephant Sketch copyright David Shepherd