Amanda Santana

Sat, 20 May 2017 00:57:41 +0000

Classroom organization do this NOT that list... I think I have a few more on the "Do Not" list...eep!


    I really like the organization of the supplies and the ability to be able to know exactly where materials are, need be, at the spur of the moment.

    Swipe a marker along the bottom pages of the book. That way, when the books are piled inside their desks, they can see the colors! Say something like, "Please take out your Grammar Green book!" It really does help, and it makes transitions quicker and easier! And after a few weeks, my kiddos will be telling me which book is which! :)

    Are you overwhelmed with all the teacher binder options? Are you looking for the perfect binder, but can’t find it? Maybe you need some of its contents but not all of them. Who wants to pay for what they don't need?!?! Look no further! Now you can build your own teacher binder and pay for only what you want! That’s right!!! Build Your Own Binder!

    I LOVE this!! Kids bring in a picture frame of their families and the classroom is decorated with them! How sweet to connect home and school!

    Love this anchor chart for the beginning of the year. Teaches students how to journal like a scientist.

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    Keep your flash cards in soap holders. | 29 Clever Organization Hacks For Elementary School Teachers

    Reminder board by the door. You could even take a pic of this and upload it to your class web page

    How I plan to organize the school year...this is the best system I've found! Love it!

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    The shelving appeals to me as a room divider. NOT that I have a room big enough to divide BUT we can dream people!

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