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How to make Paint Scrape Art - fun and simple DIY art project idea

    How to create an easy canvas with Art Tissue & Water - step by step Tutorial

    Copenhague basado Illustrator HuskMitNavn Usos trucos inteligentes en 3D animados para traer a su a la vida

    Tête dada terrible / Blazniva hlava

    Cool Glue Gun Crafts and DIY Projects - DIY Crayon Drip - Creative Ways to Use Your Glue Gun for Awesome Home Decor, DIY Gifts , Jewelry and Fashion - Fun Projects and Easy, Cheap DIY Ideas for Kids, Adults and Teens - Handmade Christmas Presents on A Budget

    Coptic Stitch Journal with hand-drawn geometric triangles by Ruth Bleakley on Etsy

    Make this versatile and colorful craft with your little one! 1) Use crayons to color different spots of bright colors on some paper. 2) Color over the area with a black crayon. 3) Cut out a shape. 4) Use the popsicle stick to scratch out the black and reveal the colors underneath. 5) You can also attach the paper shapes to a popsicle stick and encourage your child to tell a story using them as puppets. (Or simply hang as decorations.)

    There are tons of items lying around your house just waiting to be turned into art. Before you throw out an empty can or bottle, see about turning it into ... Read More

    What an awesome art project for kids! || #LittlePassports #arts and #crafts for 6-8 year olds:

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