Katie Hon

Wed, 11 Jan 2017 19:23:05 +0000

10 reasons for weight loss. i like these reasons I guess they could be seen a "superficial" but lets be honest on some level we are all a little superficial and it feels good to be a healthy thin weight

    I absolutely do not agree with number 18. You should never go to bed hungry! The Skinny Rules by Bob Harper! #Fitness #Motivatio

    Healthy weight.

    #BiggestLoser #Motivation

    Where will you be in 30 days? Will you be feeling proud or suffering from regret? Let's get crazy results! New health and weight loss challenge/motivation group starting Oct 14!! #beachbody #challengegroup #weightloss #letsdothis

    You can't be thin or fit if you don't chose to be.

    Oh yeah...because all of those reasons are GREAT reasons to lose weight and get healthy! How about...Do it for: Your health, your kids, your quality of life, your decreased chances of heart disease and other illness...you know...just to name a few. GRR!

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    A year from now, you'll wish you had started today. | www.simplebeautifullife.net

    Fit Personality - In case you guys need as much motivation as I do!!!