Elizabeth Jennings

Fri, 19 May 2017 23:28:54 +0000

Do you ever wonder what kind of dog breed you'd be if you were a dog? Take this quiz and find out!


    Your personality can be divided in up to 6 ways. BTW: not a disney quiz but still quite cool

    I got : 5th grade! What Grade Are You Mentally In? You belong in the 5th grade! You’re hilarious and clever, using your perceptive outlook to be both quick-witted and a little bit silly. You know when to be serious, and also when to let go a little, making you a dependable and fun friend.

    Don't let your genius mind go to waste. Test your score: Are you an average 85 or a gifted 130?

    This is what I live with every day! But I love it.

    So I was looking at them all straight face in awe then the last one My eyes were literally like BOOM.:

    This is a dog pool party. Someone had a pool and was like, 'I should have a pool party. But people are stupid. I should invite dogs instead.'

    Take the quiz to reveal your inner Disney princess. If you believe in romance, dreams and happily ever after, you will fall in love with Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry from Zales.#EnchantedDisneyJewelry

    a little long but so worth it!

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