Elizabeth Jennings

Fri, 19 May 2017 23:28:54 +0000

Do you ever wonder what kind of dog breed you'd be if you were a dog? Take this quiz and find out!

    Cool list of various dog breeds from all over the world. Cool if you want to know where your favorite breed originated. :)

    I got: 95% Tiger, 5% Kitten! What Animal Are You Like When You're Angry?When you are angry, you are like a fierce, frightening tiger who will pounce on your prey when provoked! Tigers hunt alone which explains why you are so independent and resourceful! However, there is a small part of your personality that would rather avoid confrontation, especially with loved ones. Instead you’d rather just cuddle up like a kitten, take a nap and purr your problems away! MEOW!

    Enjoy The Sand Little Guy. OMG Cuteness Overload, especially last pic...

    Ever wondered what mythical creature would suit you best? Which one is most like you?

    Apparently my spirit animal is a swan :p these quizzes are too fun lol

    20 animal brothers from other mothers

    We've all fantasised about which marvel character we'd LIKE to be, but are you a hero? Or are you a villain? Take the quiz to find out!

    Purple, im a mellow and quiet mermaid, and care most about friends and family

    How Cute Are You? Charmingly Cute

    Quiz: Which Zootopia Character Are You?

    The It's Not What It Looks Like Collection cute animals dogs cat cats adorable dog puppy animal pets funny pictures funny animals funny pets funny dogs

    Animals with unique markings