Desiree Koser

Fri, 19 May 2017 19:29:46 +0000

    Young Vegeta, Nappa, and Raditz

    Trunk #dbz

    I have not had much time to make any artwork lately. I was sick, so I did not feel like making any artwork and then when I got better I got Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag, so I have been playing a f...

    Vegeta Súper Saiyajín DBZ

    Elapsam semel occasionem non ipse potest Iuppiter : Photo

    A new poster series, a new character, a new style! This time it’s Dragon Ball Super’s Son Goku as a Super Saiyan God! Edit: Colors have been tweaked to create unison with Vegeta’s design You can get this design on custom posters, prints, tees and...

    #MangaMondays Gohan's Explosion. #dbz

    dbkai156-04.png (400×225)

    When Vegeta was training desperately to catch up to Goku was when I realized that he's my favorite character. As a type 1 diabetic, I feel like I'm always underestimated or seen as weak. But, following Vegeta's lead, I'll always fight to prove myself, even if it's only to myself!

    Father And Son Relationship Lvl: Dragon Ball Z (Yup, It's Over 9000)

    SSGSS Goku (Dragonball Heroes) Alt Palette #2 by RayzorBlade189 on DeviantArt