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    Fabrizio Raschetti

    Blue me away collection

    Rainforest - Fotobehang & Behang - Photowall

    Just putting together a blog post for tomorrow morning it's a private greenhouse near us. Keep a look out #HaarkonGreenhouseHunter

    Green | Grün | Verde | Grøn | Groen | 緑 | Emerald | Colour | Texture | Style | Form | Pattern | ferns, captured by Sonja Lyon Photography

    A traveller’s palm provides vertical drama in this tight space, bookended by the octopus-like forms of Myers asparagus ferns. Greg transformed the bare [Colorbond](http://www.colorbond.com/|target="_blank") fence on a tight budget by creating a decorative framework panel from simple garden stakes. Bamboo screening panels were framed with lengths of recycled timber. Photo: Scott Hawkins

    We like the little ferns at the bottom, to use along the side of the house Bamboo -Gracillis

    Create a beautiful space in your home with this green fan palm stem. Surround yourself with...

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