Sharon Minns

Thu, 12 Jan 2017 08:14:18 +0000


    Electrolytes and EKG *Keep Calm* .Nurse On.... and know how hypocalcaemia presents on an EKG!

    The Heart Block Poem For more mnemonics, visit our site!

    The electrical impulse moves through the heart as it contracts between 60 to 140 times a minute, depending on age of person. The contractions of ventricles represents a single heartbeat. Atria contraction is a little faster then the ventricles so the blood empties into the ventricle before their contraction.

    I hope this can save a person a lot of pain. Wish I'd had this..... Then I would've known I had pancreatitis.

    EKG/ECG Cheat Sheet

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    Fisiologia cardiovascilar. Sístole e Fiastole atriais e ventriculares associadas as ondas eletrocardiograficas.

    Helpful for remembering Cranial Nerves More

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