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ArtStation - Savanna raptors, Gaelle Seguillon


    Deinonychus was smallish, but far more like the classic raptors from Jurassic Park than actual Velociraptors were. Go figure.

    how to draw raptors

    Criaturas gigantes dibujadas. Se muestra la proporción con respecto a un humano

    Giganotosaurus' family by *AntarcticSpring @ deviantART

    Say hello to this giant raptor discovered in the Hell Creek formation, Dakotaraptor steini ! Hello !! ... But stay away from me...

    lostbeasts: Homotherium.

    pachyrhinosaurus anatomy by epic3d

    Triceratops studies and sketches - love the charging, active poses

    Spinosaurs, Yuuki Morita on ArtStation at

    Art illustration - { Prehistoric Animals }

    ArtStation - Velociraptor, Caio Fantini