Debbie Watts

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 21:57:12 +0000

vintage games - Google Search

    Ha this one was funny we put it on our tree every year!

    These were like my mom's. and they hurt to use them! Burned fingers and tangled spikes that dug into your head!

    1970s childhood memories - Bing Images

    I used to have this and had hours of fun playing with it. I still remember how the pull-out had such a strong "Barbie plastic" smell that only came from Barbie toys. I also wondered why none of the seats had padding. Lol.

    Vintage Tupperware

    I would make mine 'fart' by pushing it down into the container and drive my mother crazy.

    KLACKERS! Put two 2-inch orbs at the end of strings and swing away! Just try not to smack yourself in the face/head/hand/eye/wrist or those of your friends standing too closely. I was black and blue after playing with these things!

    Milton Bradley BATTLESHIP from the 70s. Made in by JandaPanda, $10.00

    I can do this.....not really!

    Omgosh, the Marsha Brady clothing line! LOL

    1975 Perfection game, we also have Superfection!

    Bass shoes & sandles. These were soooo comfy.

    The original "rainbows" I had these and they were bad for making your feet black!

    1960s baby stroller - mom had one of these

    vintage sugar panorama egg ~ I remember my grandma having some of these out at Easter time...

    ~ Milton Bradley "Milk Magic Doll Bottles" ~ (The Milk Really Disappeared)

    I wish I could remember the guy's name's...I think there was a surfer dude

    How to make a 90's Book Cover.

    Vintage poodle bubble bath

    Pound puppies!

    yes. Then I would eat it right out of the box with the spoon!