Katelyn Sizemore

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 21:08:28 +0000

we're the kids that write song lyrics on our skin in sharpie and whisper-scream lyrics in car rides and just wish the best for our band members when we can't wish the best for ourselves and idk, man. it's kinda beautiful.

    stressed out twenty one pilots ukulele chords

    this is cool i would do this in sharpie and ignore when my mom yelled at me

    Amazing drawing, but its kinda funny because I have conjunctivitis at the minute

    twenty one pilots. Más

    Twenty one pilots Pinterest:@melissaxandrews

    Resultado de imagen para tyler joseph tattoos meaning

    "Stay Alive" twenty one pilots; from the song Truce

    Isn't that "josh" in the clique alphabet? Idk just something a friend told me idk if it's true

    |-/ (by celine Gorkowski)

    This blew up on my twitter so I'm bringing it on here because I'm incredibly proud of myself right now

    They do this but you know they say they met by buying matchbox cars from each other

    they look like those clusters of nasty ants when you step on them they get EVERYWHERE