Katelyn Sizemore

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 21:08:28 +0000

we're the kids that write song lyrics on our skin in sharpie and whisper-scream lyrics in car rides and just wish the best for our band members when we can't wish the best for ourselves and idk, man. it's kinda beautiful.

    Fall Away. I think everyone has a Twenty One Pilots song that has kept them strong. This is definitely mine.

    this is cool i would do this in sharpie and ignore when my mom yelled at me

    Amazing drawing, but its kinda funny because I have conjunctivitis at the minute


    twenty one pilots. Más

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    fall away clique art |-/ twenty one pilots

    oh ms believer clique art |-/ twenty one pilots

    tyler joseph |-/ clique art |-/ twenty one pilots

    Tyler Joseph tattoos

    This is my wallpaper!! It's pretty and shows my favorite band!!

    Twenty One Pilots Sticker Set 3 by delinqwentz on Etsy