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Never have I ever felt that I actually belong within a group of friends. I'm usually the one who's "just there".

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    Whenever I'm in our group of friends, I always feel that I'm the extra and unwanted one.

    yes. every single one. that doesn't mean I love them any less, it just means i am alone more so than them.

    "I keep a lot of stuff to myself because in reality nobody really gives a shit."

    I have 3 different personalities:....

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    These are qualities that identify me and what I'm looking for in someone special!

    Except for the comparison one because I don't do that. And I cry at everything. My friends know it. I saw a musical that my school put on and a friend walked up after and asked if I cried

    All except for 9 and maybe 10

    I have never had a group of friends that would invite me to do everything with them. I have always been too different. I just want to feel included.

    I'm not short and I do get along with my parents but otherwise... pretty accurate

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