Christie Delhagen

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 01:39:17 +0000

IEPs and RTI. Progress monitoring and data collection. We know how important it is and why it is so important… better yet, we know how time consuming it is. But I am here to share with you a …

    fast finishers

    Progress Reports for your Friday Folders!

    FREEBIE ALERT! 60 editable student data tracking binder pages from The Curriculum Corner

    This is a simplified explanation of RTI that includes a PowerPoint that you can share with your colleagues!

    FREE Back to School Resources

    Editable quick reference flip book to help substitutes find the most important info they need about your class at a glance. Print on brightly colored paper and hang in a prominent location near your desk so that a new substitute can easily find it, and have necessary information at his/her fingertips!

    Great tips for increasing parents involvement in your classroom all year long!

    Feeling stressed out and unorganized? I understand! Being a special education teacher is a wonderful experience that, unfortunately, includes tons paperwork that can sometimes become overwhelming. Not anymore! This special education binder is your key to tidying up your daily caseload and focusing more on your students, rather than the paperwork.

    Have the classroom rules visible so students never have the excuse that they forgot the rules.

    Working on Weekly Class SMART Goals

    Progress monitoring for IEP Goals. Special Education.

    Speed ticket - Rushing through work Classroom