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Our dog Comet LOVED these treats so much! happymoneysaver.c...

    These homemade dog treats are incredibly easy to make, quick to freeze, and perfect for hot summer days! You only need a few ingredients that you might already have on hand, a silicone mold, and a freezer! Make these in an appropriate size for your dog with a silicone mold or just drop onto wax …

    Homemade dog treats made with pumpkin and apple! Caesar went CRAZY for these!

    Amazing DIY Home Remedies for Pets // #pinaholicmyrie

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    DIY Dog Summer Cool-Off Pad Sewing Tutorial AD #PawsToSavor - Need to keep your dog cooled off this summer? Here is a DIY Doggie Cool Pad Tutorial that will keep your pooch cool while he's outside with the family.

    Dogs have a way of finagling a piece or two of people food one way or another, so what’s all right for your dog to eat and when is it necessary to call the vet?Get the lowdown on a long list of foods one can and cannot share with our canine companions, plus a few other valuable tips on feeding your dog.Via Woods Upon a Walk.Dog infographics.

    Carrot Oat Applesauce Treats - Quick and easy four-ingredient treats for dogs and horses. From

    DIY frozen homemade dog treats

    These healthy homemade dog treats are the simplest thing to make and so good for your dog. Plus they are much cheaper than buying them in the store. Made with a dehydrator!

    Homemade Dog Treats - Tasty Treat or Toxic

    If your dog has bad breath, then you should try some of these natural remedies, which will help to fight the bad odor.

    Fruity Frozen Dog Treats