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    What Are Endorphins? Learn the Benefits, Plus How to Create More

    Make Your Life Better - 30 Day Challenge

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    Monachopsis is me hardcore.

    "30 Day Self Improvement Challenge." Routines, ideas, activities and worksheets to support your self-care. Tools that work well with motivation and inspirational quotes. For more great inspiration follow us at 1StrongWoman.

    I'd rather discuss any of these than the best small talk topic, or celebrity gossip, or gossip in general

    "How to free your mind from fear" from Paul McKenna, a memory gury - (extracted from "I Can Make You Smarter" by Paul McKenna

    Being aware of these things could greatly increase doctor-patient relationship. If a doctor is more personable, the patient will be more willing to listen to them. If the doctor has higher expectations of the patient (either in the procedure being done or recovery time) the patient will do better and try to meet those expectations. It's simple psychology, really.

    This works!

    Infographic: 10 ways to become a more confident person