Jeff Spain

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 21:55:52 +0000

Follow our current van conversion project in partnership with @RawCalifornia!

    These European products turn your basic van into a comfortable camper. Now they just have to come to the U.S.

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    This is my DREAM van conversion!! It's EXACTLY what I want.

    @kris_lunning Some people like to cook inside. I like to cook outside. Slide kitchens from under the bed. Email if you are looking for an innovative & compact setup. Nothing is impossible #vanlifediaries You are the change. @theeveningson

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    van to camper conversion

    If It's Hip, It's Here: The Urban Campsite's Coolest Caravan, The Marquis by Eduard Bohtlingk. Good.

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    BETTER THAN A BED-SIT ... pictures of really cool mobile homes/campervans - Page 48

    Get out and camp life is always better there. This sprinter conversion done for the awesome Simpson family. The van has a unique design allowing for it to have the practicality of a passenger van then quickly and easily converting to the ultimate family camper. by rigracks

    @brandon.vandulken Who would have thought this was possible even 5 years ago? I'll bring the marshmallows. #vanlifediaries You are wonderfully valued. @youandiandthesky

    Love the idea of storage in between floors. Not a fan of the handles or the shelving in the back. It makes the inside to dark for my liking.