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Easy 5-Minute Homemade Miso Soup - can be enjoyed daily for comfort as well as for boosting our metabolism. Vegans and vegetarians should omit fish sauce -

    This easy and healthy miso mushroom ramen is vegetarian (with a vegan option). You can make it in under an hour using only 10 supermarket-friendly ingredients!

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    10 Minute Miso Soup Recipe - so easy to make! Add mushrooms, tofu, spinach, etc. ~

    Miso Soup is the original health food, it's been nourishing the Japanese for centuries, and you can make it for yourself in minutes! ~

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    Healthy vegan miso soup. The best soup for colds.

    Miso Soup is made with miso, a traditional food in Japan and China that can be found in the form of a very strong-flavored salty umami paste. #vegetarian #vegan #soup

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