Polly White-Johnson

Thu, 12 Jan 2017 08:45:08 +0000

50 Dollar Store Hacks for the Classroom. Some of these are actually pretty good!

    Birthday Chart: Never forget a student's birthday with this chalkboard themed chart. The header measures 30 inches and the labels are 2 inches wide. If you think it is too big, you may adjust the print percentage to 90% or lower when you print ALL of the pieces.

    Fun Ways to Create Random Groups in the Classroom: Use popsicle sticks with symmetrical colored shapes to match partners/small groups.

    25 Dollar Store Teacher Tips You Prob Haven't Seen Yet

    I want this for my classroom door!

    Classroom Hacks

    Matching sentences, real pictures, winter, speech therapy, comprehension, early reading, matching pictures, interactive, Velcro, expressive and receptive language, autism, task box workMatching sentences to pictures for winter uses real pictures to match

    Free printable flip-chart. Use Bloom's Taxonomy in your classroom and activate Higher Order Thinking!

    How to Make In-Class Group Speech Successful {blog series} PART 3

    Need a fun classroom management activity to get kids focused and ready for the day? Teachers can set-up a DIY Question of the Day board with a drip pan and a few simple materials. Kids will love reading the different questions posted each school day!

    Tons of must-try classroom management ideas!

    This time of year there’s no one more highly organized than a teacher. In addition to getting all those seating charts, lesson plans, and assignments in hand, an ultra-tidy classroom space makes all the rest of those tasks easier. So you can bet teachers keep their rooms and desks shipshape. Luckily, that means there’s lots of smart, crafty, even downright cheap ideas out there to crib from.

    Getting your sub binder ready is a breeze! This editable substitute binder includes 20 forms that you can type right into. The adorable cover (add your own name!), note to the sub, bell schedule, regular, alternate, and specials schedules are included. Forms included for school & staff info, classroom info, arrival & dismissal, classroom management, emergency procedures & more! An end of the day form is included. Perfect for short and long term subs! **Also part of my Ready To Go Sub