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DIY Ten Wire Soap Cutter For $20 *Make It Yourself!* - YouTube

    Many thanks to Riverlea Soap for sharing their soap cutter design. They weren't satisfied with the result, but this is a great starting point and it should be easy to adapt it into a perfect cutter!

    DIY Wooden Soap Mold

    SoapHutch.com - Your Source for No-Line Soap Molds - Awesome looking no-line soap molds!

    Tutorial on how I use PVC Pipe to make embedded cold process circular soaps. Two sizes PVC pipes used to expand on creating round column mold soaps. By Alaiyna B. Bath and Body

    a soap queen tutorial on how to do an "in the pot" swirl

    How To Make Loofah Soap

    A great tutorial for in the pot swirl cp soap, lots of helpful pictures!

    Is your soap stuck in PVC pipe? Give this a try. PVC makes a great mold for cold process soap! It is cheap and you don’t have to line it. I know many soapmakers who have a hard time getting their soap OUT of the PVC pipe. This is what I do. Don’t fill your …

    Lazy Soap Mold Liner Ideas, I don't think this is lazy at all, I think it's pretty smart. easy to make and unfold. have to get hubby to make one now

    stamping soap. This is good to know because I just bought a lotus stamp to use on my soaps. #Soap #SoapMaking #SoapRecipe

    Crystal Yang uploaded this image to 'soap cutter'. See the album on Photobucket.

    My new soap curing cabinet! - Soap Making Forum

    Addicted To Soap: How to make your own wooden soap mold.

    DIY Reusable soap mold liner

    Riverlea shows how she made a soap cutter

    Six Ways to Take Better Photos of Your Handmade Soap | The Natural Beauty Workshop,, , tutorials, tips info about ingredients, , everything

    Learn how to make this Charcoal & Cedar Beer Cold Process Soap. It's scented with a natural blend of essential oils, and uses all natural colorants to create a beautiful contrasting swirl.

    Add your own unique scent and style to your daily grooming routine by learning the art of soap making!

    ▶ How to Build Soap Molds in the Work Working Shop, Lye Soap Making Molds - YouTube

    Starting a Soap-making Business | soapdelinews

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    how to make soap mold wood - Google 搜尋

    Wire Soap Cutters? A few years back, my friend and I wanted to have an interesting hobby. We roamed our school from pottery class to sculpture to printing and we just hadn't found our calling. To make...

    Soap Design Techniques: In the Mold Swirls can also be changed up for a lot of different patterns...