Juliana Yuan

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 22:13:28 +0000

By Wil Mijer 1x.com/... Look here for more of her work, it is amazing!

    Wild Berry Woods

    Gorgeous! -- like it's been coated w/ diamonds or Swarovski crystals... <3<3

    Bioluminscent Mushrooms

    Spring, mushroom, smurfs

    Mycena sp. by Josep Maria Ripoll Tarrago on 500px

    Wild Nirvana: Photo


    Blue white dark purple amanita fairy garden fantasy mushroom set ,polymer clay toadstool Home decor,Fairy Garden:

    I have no idea what kind of mushroom this is, but with the lighting, the picture is just Amazing by Brent Csutoras

    martin pfister