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Comunicação Visual e Sinalização Corporativa | Carakole Design e Comunicação

    MetaDesign - San Francisco - MetaDesign is a global brand agency with offices in Asia, Europe, and North America. A strategic and creative partner to corporations, cultural institutions, and startups, we position brands for success now and in the future.

    Brookfield Multiplex Car Park, Australia by Brand Culture 2010

    Architectural Signage by OPA

    Not the prettiest... but an example of a complete interior signage system.

    Palace Cinemas / ALEXCHOI Design & Partners / Shanghai

    directory cons- cannot adjust information . has to be a new one every year.

    mall signage #wayfinding and #signage

    Bryggeriet signage system - The Kitchen Sthlm

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    Allotech, Inc. | ADA Code

    Signage by Andrea Arango at

    Segreen Business Park - Wayfinding & Signage | Lombardini22 | Flickr

    Nice bespoke iconography.


    Minimise signage

    Way Finding - Restroom Sign


    伦敦帝国学院(商学院部分) 导视系统 设计圈 展示 设计时代网-Powered by thinkdo3

    Signage at Umeda Hospital by Kenya Hara, 1998. Click image for link to company profile and visit the boards >>

    Signage Vinyl

    Exhibits and Museums with Gyford Hardware

    Shibuya seibu department store. Biggest Muji store, all high brands, amazing deli at basement and casual restaurants on 8th floor. Amazing sushi (rotation) for lunch. (Made another column for this called Midori sushi) #signage

    Sinalização criativa. #aneopressfaz. Veja mais em Mais

    You can never have too much directional signage, so make it attractive & useful! - from JHU Charles Commons - Ashton Design Environmental Graphic