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#JasmineYogaTutorial : #TwistedSundialPose A new variation to spice things up! Tips and tricks: 1) Warm up your hamstrings with any kinds of forward bends before trying 2) If your problem is not being able to hook your knee high up your shoulder, do a 90• resting pigeon to warm up the hip. 3) The higher you get your knee up your arm, the easier it will be to balance and twist in the full pose. 4) Belly in and twist from belly button 5) The top arm is active! Use it to pull against your t...



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    How To Compass Pose Repined by @YogiBabe | Yoga & Nutrition A Body & A Life You Love

    A lot of yoga will do you a lot of good, a little will too (Link goes to yogabycandace.com)

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    #JasmineYogaTutorial: #PinchaMayurasana This inversion scared the shit out of me until it didn’t. This inversion was so difficult until it became easy. As with everything else, it becomes effortless through effortful practice. When I was first starting to learn this pose, I would spend so so so much time hanging out in dolphin. I had abrasion on my elbows I chose to ignore (don’t be like me). I am not saying all these to scare you but to let you understand that it did not come easy but took...

    #JasmineYogaTutorial: #FunkyCrow #FlyingCrow So, this is a good starting point for those of you trying to figure out the flying crow. With the funky set up, is easier to find your balance and thus a higher chance of lifting your back foot. Tips: 1) Bring hand on floor to center so you form a triangle with your two hands and elbow. 2) ***Place your knee on elbow and not tricep. Almost like bone stacking, makes it soooo much easier to find balance. Almost effortless 3) *** Dont be afraid to ...

    #jasmineYogaTutorial : #SuperSoldier Easier than it looks. So dont feel intimidated. Give it a try :) Tricks / Tips 1) stretch out your hamstrings. a lot. This pose needs you to push against your shoulder to get the bottom leg completely straight so that means more work. Make sure hamstrings are warm before trying. 2) Get your shoulder IN! Not just touching the side of ur knee but all the way behind and in. 3) When trying to hook the shoulder, use one hand on the calf like I did in photos an

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