Sharon Brown

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 22:34:44 +0000

Hair accessory made from vintage serving spoons - Flea Market shopping - Thistlewood Farms:


    Silverware Jewelry Ornate Floral Vintage by Bentspoonjewelry, $29.00

    Beautiful hand-made cross from silver-plate silverware. Available at

    Silver coffee spoon rings

    SPOON PENDANTS BY JEAN: step-by-step how to make simple designs with old spoons using basic dremel tools.

    Love... love making these!!!

    Hand carved bracelets and pendants made out of spoons, stainless steel.

    SPECIAL ORDER For Erica - 12 Vintage Silver Vases Bud Vases Upcycled Antique Silverware Vases

    spoon handle keyrings by TheFadedNest.

    Sterling silver is a popular material used to make jewelry. One way to save money is to use sterling silver spoons to make a DIY spoon ring.

    how to make a spoon ring - is it really this easy?