Sharon Brown

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 22:34:44 +0000

Hair accessory made from vintage serving spoons - Flea Market shopping - Thistlewood Farms:

    Repurposed Salt and Pepper Shaker Necklaces

    So many things can be made with silverplate silverware. Visit Stuff4uand4u for a large selection of flatware.

    Lovely. Spoon repurposed

    Silverware Jewelry Ornate Floral Vintage by Bentspoonjewelry, $29.00

    Upcycled Silverware Stick Barrette $25 Put the silverware thru some kind of rolling press???? you people are SO AMAZING!

    my spoon bender, steel rod to bend the spoons around, 2nd rod for brass piece to go over, brass part with bolt screwed in for handle, plastic to cover rod.

    How to Recycle Silverware into Art

    Sterling silver is a popular material used to make jewelry. One way to save money is to use sterling silver spoons to make a DIY spoon ring.

    I used my trusty dremel again to make this vintage serving spoon into a mermaid tail bracelet. I stamped the pretty handle with "dreaming of the sea".

    Hand carved bracelets and pendants made out of spoons, stainless steel.

    Here are two companies that make exquisite jewellery from recycled forks and spoons. Fork And Spoon Jewelry is a family business.  The Leidelmeyer family have been silversmithing and jewellery maki...