Ansley Elizabeth Briggs

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 23:13:44 +0000

I pray that you no longer stare into the shallows of empty promises, but that you dive into the depth of an ocean of guarantees.

    ⚜ Romantique Rose ⚜

    I pray for you daily. With unedited complete honest thoughts of happiness and joy for you!

    I'm coming back to my first love, only You. || Simplicity - Rend Collective

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    —t.b. laberge

    seeking to be more like Him.. | T.B. LaBerge

    If these words speak to your own situation, I pray that you will take heed of them as the time is short. Listen to the Spirit †

    ~Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders~ such a beautiful song.

    This quote has spoken deeply to me in some hard situations over the past few years. It's all that truly matters. I hope this Tuesday is better because you can walk through it with this beautiful truth in your heart! X

    sarahminerella: “Amen. ”