Patricia Wehunt

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 21:50:57 +0000

A folk house design, Z PZ on ArtStation at

    Love this design. Exaggeration like a cartoon, but as intense and impressive as realism. Like this wizard's style

    hunter's house, yewon lim on ArtStation at


    The Lost Children, Kunrong Yap on ArtStation at

    Manhattan, Dimitar Marinski on ArtStation at

    Beacon, Joon Ahn on ArtStation at

    house 02, JM Ahn on ArtStation at

    Fish Warrior, Ariel Perez on ArtStation at

    Tutorials Drawing - Склад уроков по рисованию

    The story is this house belong to a traveler from far east but located in a fantasy world . So the architectural style contains both european style and oriental style.Hope the steps are useful.