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Common blood pressure medications every nurse should know!

    nursingkamp.com Statins Primvistatin Statins are not Stat Like Grapefruit is not stat! Cholesterol or lipid lowering medications LDL HDL tryglicerides Total Nursing KAMP Student Stuudy sheet AST ALT - It is used for hypertension but more common for patients with BPH problems. From My NCLEX 200 Book Nursing Study Sheets, Nursing KAMP Prazosin Doxasin Terazosin_1_A-Blockers_Cardiac MEDS_StickEnotes

    Heart Blocks: “The Heart Block Poem” via http://nurseslabs.com/cardiovascular-care-nursing-mnemonics-tips/

    Which OTC works better? HealthHub Knockout pits acetaminophen and ibuprofen against each other.

    Arterial vs Venous Ulcers

    Common drugs and antidotes. A must for nursing students!

    Cardiac Dysrhythmias CheatSheet

    Thyroid Infographic

    Common drugs and antidotes. A must for nursing students!

    CBC, Complete Blood Count, WBC, RBC, HCT, HGB, Normal Lab Values Explained, Laboratory Rationales, NCLEX, Nursing School, Nurse Cheat Sheet, Study Guide, Abnormal Blood Count, Chart, Simple, Easy

    Drug Interactions