Candace Ali'cia

Thu, 12 Jan 2017 08:45:07 +0000

Education to the Core: Ten Literacy Ideas for Emergent Readers

    Number matching activity for kids. Great for home or classroom.

    Clothespin Number Match ... great for fine motor development - #homeschooling #homeschool activities

    fine motor activity hand strengthening - kids match clothes pins w lowercase letters to uppercase letters on a paper plate. Between each pin, have them draw a yellow circle going the "correct" way (helps w letter formation). Makes a SUN! Could do this with math problems and answers for older children

    Easy way to teach proper pencil grasp using a clothspin

    Couting and number correspondence TEACCH task for children with autism and in ABA therapy

    Scrabble letters to build first words

    A Spoonful of Learning: 3 Weeks Already?! & FREEBIES!

    Color matching while improving fine motor skills. (K)

    Cut straws to make DIY counters ~ So many uses! I am thinking tens and ones…..

    Abc center: matching uppercase and lower case letters.

    An alternative to writing out names for signing in OR a cute idea for a Sight Word literacy center - with adult supervision, of course! ;)

    Wrap rolls with different colors of construction paper. Then label each roll with the color that is wrapped around it. Provide Pom Poms with the same colors. Then encourage children to use chopsticks to put the correct color Pom Pom into the correct color roll. Could easily extend this to include sight words/sounds on the roll instead. *We would have to use large tweezers for our age group.*