Pam Jones

Thu, 12 Jan 2017 08:26:27 +0000

Polymer Clay Stingray Totem Miniature Figure by RockNova on Etsy


    Elephant Figurine, White Elephant, Polymer Clay, Animal Figurine, Miniature, Sculpture Art, Pocket Totem, Mini Figurine

    Handmade Polymer clay Octopus tentacle by PolarBearsAndTenebre:

    Candy bunny project

    Tuto Fimo : nuage kawaii

    Polymer Clay Octopus Pendant Holding Seashells by smr2892 #inspiration Could use beads, pearls, or gemstone crystals

    Tiny Animal Sculptures That I Create From Polymer Clay

    galería del deviantART shimidu

    Stone Narwhal Totem Miniature Polymer Clay Animal by MadAristocrat, $15.00

    Choose Your Characters Adventure Time Charm by egyptianruin

    My Roses!! I got some of these as a gift from my dad && now i finally kno how to do it!! YESS!

    10 Polymer Clay Tutorials Step By Step Anyone Can Follow - Looking for a fun DIY Craft Project? Then you totally have to try making these Polymer Clay Charms! They are so AWESOME.