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Crystal Grids Power: Harness the power of Crystals and Sacred Geometry for manifesting abundance, healing and protection. #crystalgrid #crystalhealing #lawofattraction



    At my funeral, I'm gonna tell them to wait until the end to open my casket. And it's empty. And then, they'll turn on the fan and my beheaded, lifeless body will swing down and one of these skull will fall onto the lap of a dear friend who will say, "She always knew how to rock the party." Wait, that came out wrong...

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    Healing with quartz crystals

    5 Best Exercises For Bigger LipsMany women inject botox to have bigger lips in order to become more attractive and sexy, but not everyone can afford this. Every woman can have bigger lips using a natural way, by making some exercies that you can do home, spending no money. Preparation Exercise – To get the best results, before starting exercise, wash your face and rinse mouth intense, first with warm water and then with cold water. Make a set of ten exercises at first, then gradually increase...

    SEED OF LIFE 1 Crystal Grid Cloth all natural 100% cotton Sacred geometry crystal grid template

    Free Printable Crystal Grid Template: How to make a Crystal Grid for Protection.

    Crystal protection grid

    Crystals and stones for studying, mental focus, memory and researching. #study #crystalhealing

    Demystification time - here are 12 healing crystals and their meanings and uses for a wide range of ailments.

    Relieving Anxiety with Healing Crystals

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