Amber Piefke-Smith

Fri, 21 Apr 2017 11:33:11 +0000

Rafiki from The Lion King Costume. Get more #costume and #Halloween inspiration on this blog! Over 400 homemade, DIY costume ideas!

    Lion King rehearsals and portraits

    Lion Mask with Mane

    These are more realistic looking wildebeests. We saw some photos that had fake "fur" around the head and beard.

    Toddler Dragon Costume DIY: A great last minute Halloween costume and perfect for a Dragon Birthday Party. - The Gaming Gals

    Making this for neck piece

    Fairy Tutu Dress Tutorial

    Our favorite trend this Halloween is super detailed animal makeup! Watch this tutorial on how to do Rafiki Halloween makeup from the Lion King! - Metiza

    The Lion King Jr Scar Costume Disney Theater

    Scar & Hyenas

    Rental Costumes for The Lion King - Zazu

    Zazu costume for Lion King Jr

    homemade lion king costume - Yahoo Image Search Results