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Guy Flips Girl Using His Feet, Her Expression is Priceless - CollegeHumor Post


    Bye felica

    Oh shit. Now that's scary...

    23 Gifs of Kids’ Hilarious Fail Situations. My Whole Week Was Made Photo

    Yes! I'm obsessed with pizza. Any time my mom asks for dinner or lunch suggestions I almost always say pizza and it's not like we never have pizza, we actually get pizza pretty often. I promise you I will never not want pizza.

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    Funny and Relatable!h my gosh I do that to my cat and I'm like I'm sooooo sorry COME HERE!!

    Cheerleader gymnastics flips | Reverse My Gif

    tumblr_n3uavtYr4q1t0h6e2o1_400.gif 331×329 pixels

    When this came on my dashboard, the comments basically went from cheerleading accounts freaking out about how Mykayla barely bends her legs before she flips to going, "Wait! Is she a gymnast?!", haha. Idk, I just really thought that was funny:). (gif of Mykayla Skinner)