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Elevate your french fries, onion rings, sandwiches, and burgers to a whole new level with this quick and easy Bacon Jalapeno Fry Sauce! via Real Housemoms

    Southern Comeback Sauce Recipe |

    Honey and chipotle peppers give this yogurt dipping sauce a fun sweet and salty twist. Perfect for serving with hot french fries. #farmtoflavor #ad

    This dip always goes fast! I love how easy it is and made in the crock pot

    How to Make Yummy Onion Rings

    This spicy Southwestern Fry Sauce takes only minutes to prepare and makes a great dip for your fries or onion rings and tastes outstanding on a burger.

    Every Thanksgiving my husband begs for this Spicy Southern Hot Corn! This sassy Southern-style recipe has been part of our holiday meal tradition for years and doubles as a side dish AND a dip!

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    This is the BEST burger sauce recipe you'll ever try! It goes great on burgers, fries and more

    Fry Sauce is a simple dipping sauce blending the tangy flavors of ketchup and mayo. Commonly found in Utah, southern Idaho & rural Oregon- it's a favorite!

    Make Chick fil A Sauce at Home! You already have everything in your pantry right now - takes under 1 minutes to make - super easy to store too! Copy Cat Recipe – Chick fil A Sauce Recipe

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    Comeback Sauce, a Mississippi original in the same family as Fry Sauce, Thousand Island and Cocktail Sauce