Marilyn Replogle

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 22:56:05 +0000


    1962 Barbie "After Five" fashion, NRFB

    Why can't they make this outfit in human size?! Stylin' #barbie !!!!

    Imagen de$_35.JPG.

    1975 Barbie Best Buy/Collectible/Fun/Favorites Fashion NRFP Blue 2-Pc #2550 pnb

    1977 Barbie - (SuperStar Fashions) #

    SUC50903.JPG (365×766)

    Imagen de | Barbie Haute Couture #5843 (1982) (European exclusive) | It was a nightmare finding information about this outfit. Until it arrived I didn't even know what year it was from. I've since discovered it's on Flickr (including a World of Barbie catalogue I uploaded - doh!) but "Barbie 5843" doesn't bring anything up so I'm going to tag this image within an inch of its life. This design was recycled in a different white fabric for Haute Couture #4874 in 1983....