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Sun, 01 Jan 2017 00:41:05 +0000

Rare 1950s Budweiser Beer Ad Retro Couple Man by AdVintageCom

    Amaro Montenegro

    Lisette Model, Reno, Nevada, 1949

    Carlo Fisanotti, advertising poster for Martini, 1936.

    Toni Frissell for Harper’s Bazaar, 1949

    NYC. Gorgeous Ladies, 1948

    Fun with friends on Miami Beach, 1942 40s found photo beach bathing suits swimsuits

    Rooftop girls, Hermosa Beach.

    This portrait tells a story. The lighting uses natural light pouring in through the window.

    Darling, hand me a bobby pin, would you?

    vintalgia: Jeanne Crain, Gale Robbins, Mary Anderson, June Haver, and Trudy Marshall, 1940s