Tiffany J

Mon, 21 Jul 2014 05:41:13 +0000

Game of Thrones. To watch the tv series or finish the book series........ That is the question.

    Daenerys Targaryen

    The Night's Watch by Rhys Cooper

    All I want for Christmas is a map of Westeros (Game of Thrones - Map Poster)...That'll be nice ;')

    #GameOfThronesTamaño completo: - @GUATO123456 - Game Of Thrones

    Red Wedding Game Of Thrones Art Print

    Iron Throne


    Song of Ice & Fire : Essos - some Free Cities, Qarth and the Old Valyria. My absolute Fav Book Series!!!

    Gorgeous Daenerys Targaryen fanart | Game of Thrones

    Game of Thrones. This kid is my favorite character in the series, her plot has some interesting alliances.

    Khaleesi. One of my favorites!