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How to Remineralize & Regrow Tooth Enamel

    How to Treat Gum Infection (Gingivitis) Naturally

    Healing Powers of Ginger

    Do you have trouble falling asleep? Can you recall the last time you had a…

    The sunless tan: It is truly the one fashion that never seems to go out of style. Celebrities love it, doctors recommend it, and it has been the secret to a youthful glow for years.

    How To Detox Each Organ To Never Be Sick Or Tired Again

    Photographic Proof That Cavities Can Heal On Their Own – by Sarah, TheHealthyHomeEconomist It is very disturbing that most conventional dentists still insist that a cavity cannot heal on its own when proper nutritional support is provided and detrimental foods to oral health removed from the diet. The very textbooks in dental school indicate that this is possible!... #cavities #healing #teeth

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    Gingivitis, usually known as gum disease,  is a dental issue characterized by symptoms like constant bad breath, red or swollen gums and very sensitive, sore gums that may bleed. If left untreated, it can advance[...]

    Mix two tablespoons each of coconut oil and baking soda. Use this in place of your toothpaste once or twice a week on a regular basis.

    If you want to avoid going to the dentist, the best option you have for removing plaque buildup is the DIY treatment we recommend here.