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Fri, 06 Mar 2015 22:45:04 +0000

stayhungry-stayfree: “Rain Day ~ By Mell Sánchez ”

    #mediababe, #jackiekothbauer,,, Drizzle by Grey van der Meer

    WHOLE COLLECTION OF PHOTOS Night view of Aoyama by Takashi Kitajima

    Ryan holds up his bright blue umbrella. Bailey stifles a laugh when she sees the vibrant color. And together, they run back to shelter, where risks are non-existent and the cold cannot harm them.

    On rainy days I treat myself - to: a good book - a blanket - a cuppa' cocoa - a cat (or two) snuggled up close - and a crackling fire in the fireplace <3 I LOVE rainy days <3

    Sidewalk rain Reflections

    Reflejos tras la lluvia

    "Lubiana Street" by Massimiliano Clari

    Rain Drops