Robin Lerum

Wed, 15 Oct 2014 15:34:33 +0000

Paris, France i like how the tiles atop the door are angled so that they look like a banner. good idea!

    dark-sapo-sun-yoa: “Paris, France door ”

    Love this color...Paris Door Photograph Art Nouveau Door French

    Prague, Czech Republic -- The lovely red shadings would enhance a dining room/entrance area and give it new life and excitement. J.

    lovecovetdream : Photo

    Timişoara is a university city and industrial center in western Romania. It is often described as the most cosmopolitan city in Romania. Door 10

    Aqua, Door - Zanzibar

    Old Moss Woman's Secret Garden

    Doors of Ireland… the colors, the shape and the mystery of what lies within.

    followthewestwind: Backdoor by Ducatirider - on Flickr.

    Beautiful tile frame around door. Sign over door translated 'Casino source of home'. In Ericeira, Portugal