Abby Faillace

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 21:48:16 +0000

Chocolate Full of Flavour — The Dieline - Branding & Packaging Design


    Sugarfina's beautiful packaging which uses soy-based inks and recycled paper.

    Cupcake overkill has given me a high resistance but this is such a cute packaging idea that it's got through the radar...

    Cereal Planet - Package Design on Behance - created via

    Candles by Anna Sztromwasser. Source: Behance.

    Pandle / Repackaging by Hani Douaji

    LATTE by Sabadì — The Dieline - Branding & Packaging Design

    Fleurs de Tilleul - Les Récoltes de Mamanl - packaging herbal tea by Magali…

    Michelle's Backery by sarah packaging food

    Design your own chocolate wrappers (they make great party or wedding favours)

    Pagar Võtaks cookies packaging design by Koor -

    La Tía Fina果酱包装设计 来自求是设计会 - 微博

    Hnina by Isabela Rodrigues, i like the idea for sending off a book to a publisher in this box: