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Thu, 20 Apr 2017 12:05:42 +0000

It's Important to Stay Motivated as a Creative Staying motivated and on top of the game as a Creative Entrepreneur can take a toll sometimes. That is why it becomes important to surround yourself with supportive people that believe in you and remind you why you started on this journey to being with. I’m lucky that that person happens to be my partner in crime here on Buzzing Creatives: My sister, also known as my best friend, my business partner and my person to have a good time with,...


    Often as business owners wearing multiple hats, we get exhausted and burnt out! To keep you going, here are 25 ted talks to pep up and inspire creative business owners!

    I love TED Talks but there are so many. These are the ones to watch if you only have so much time!

    Vision statement

    Mondays don't have to be manic and miserable! There are a lot of easy little things that you can do on the weekends to "reset" for a fresh, smooth work week! This is a MUST READ.

    Ultimate list of useful websites.

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    A collection of DIY ideas to explore your own creativity for the New Year, to inspire yourself and live life more openly.

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