Sally Newton

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 22:55:40 +0000

kapibara baby


    A cub falls down a cliff and calls for help. The mother loin calls the other lionesses to help her. They try but are too afraid to venture down the cliff. The mother lion than gets the courage to go down the cliff to rescue her cub. Never doubt the power of a mother's love.

    Hadi son türkünü de söyle Söyle son türkünü de gidelim "Gece bitti" de - unut her şeyi unut bunu da gece bitince. Ben kimi sarmak isterim öyle kollarımla Hangi düşler onlar Tutsak edilmeyen hangi? İşte o onmaz tutkuda ellerim Yüreğime boşluğunu bastırıyor Çürük çarık göğsüm bağrım Sensiz. Rabindranath Tagore

    This "dangerous" water potato is very cute.

    Cute baby capybaras. No, I hadn't heard of them either.

    Everyone was Dunkin Donuts new flavor offering: a capybara filled donut. It was quickly discontinued when it was observed to always be the only one left in the box..upon first which point it would burp, step out of the box and waddle away.

    Best Friends

    Dawww....hippo finds friend in elderly tortoise [Tartarugas]

    Apparently, Japan is covered in magical and irresistibly cute animal sanctuaries. We’ve heard about the bunny island and cat island, but there’s also a fox village, where six different species of fox romp and play together in a battle for your attention (and probably for your food, too). This magical oasis of foxiness is called Zao Fox Village, and it’s located in Japan’s Miyagi prefecture. For 100 yen (or about 85 US cents), visitors are provided with food, but because the foxes are not domesticated, they are cautioned against hand-feeding them or bringing small children.

    Mother and baby koala

    Bubble bath anyone? Bubbly hedgie hedgehog! How cute!

    wet baby capybara <3