Rosa Salgado

Fri, 19 May 2017 00:45:50 +0000

Why do I feel like I would see this around here. They may have actually gotten the picture from around here

    I am 99% sure I just died from laughing. I literally started laughing so hard I cried. And that was just letter one... Needless to say my mascara is messed up. Love, Meg Jahns

    This is amazing!

    Monday blues | Autocorrect Fail - LOL at Funny Memes and Gags!

    Replacing with Mr Bean...

    30 Of The Most Creative Business Cards Ever.

    lmao pretty much

    Except for the fact that I live alone...

    Downton Abbey cast. This is perfect on so many levels.

    OMG I <3 babies!!! Wowza those are some eyes!!