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Mon, 20 Mar 2017 22:48:53 +0000

Get a free printable bear color graph and spinner. This includes many ideas to use the activity to practice early math skills with young children in preschool, pre-k, tot school, and Special education. Perfect for your bear theme unit or can be adapted to any theme with different counters.

    Copy the pattern - 3 colours: Activities based around copying simple patterns with maths cubes. Includes templates for both Unifix and Multilink style cubes

    Balancing Scale and Counting Bears Printable Activities

    Motricità fine

    Miss Giraffe's Class: Building Number Sense in First Grade

    A great fine motor and math activity. Have students count the number of drops and record the results. Read more to get the sure fire trick to make this work in your special education classroom. Go to:

    Love this idea for Pre-K! Sorting buttons to go along with the Corduroy book!

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    A free color graph activity that can be used to practice color sorting…

    Great preschool pattern activity! Build pom pom patterns on craft sticks.

    Number Writing Rhymes.... 0-9 All handwriting fonts.... Enjoy - Donna

    These Build a Sundae Center Activities can be set up as cookie sheet activities, a magnet center, or math center. This set includes 1 building mat, 14 build a sundae instruction cards, and lots of build a sundae building pieces (all in color). In this activity, students watch the sundae pile up as they work on basic counting skills (numbers 1-5) and following directions. Students will count out the correct number of bananas, scoops and toppings as indicated on the cards provided.

    Cute pompoms help children make flowers and practice counting!