Ashley Mulholland

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 22:48:53 +0000

Get a free printable bear color graph and spinner. This includes many ideas to use the activity to practice early math skills with young children in preschool, pre-k, tot school, and Special education. Perfect for your bear theme unit or can be adapted to any theme with different counters.

    Number and counting activity

    A great fine motor and math activity. Have students count the number of drops and record the results. Read more to get the sure fire trick to make this work in your special education classroom. Go to:

    Preschool Letter Recognition Activities - Matching Upper and Lowercase Letters using paper cups, and lots of other fun activities.

    These alphabet cards are a great letter sounds activity for preschool. Plus, they come in an easy and more challenging set for a total of 52 free cards!

    FREE Apple Playdough Mats. Hands-on counting, number recognition and fine motor activity in one. Great preschool math center!

    Practice matching colors with this FREE printable! Preschool color sorting and recognition activity.

    Math activities for preschoolers - button counting - The Well Nourished Nest

    Simple small group activity learning about shapes- great for maths centres or work stations.

    Rainy Day Math Games - This easy-to-make math game is inspired by a rainy day…and perfect for playing on a rainy day! It’s a great way for your preschooler to practice number recognition, one-to-one correspondence, and patterning.

    Great Collection of Free Printable Charts. This site has Colors, Shapes, Numbers, Alphabet, Butterfly, Frog Life Cycle, and more!

    Easy number and counting activity with apples!

    This word building activity travel kit is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers for road trips and long car rides and you can customize it with sight words, color words, word families, or whatever your child is currently learning. Great for a summer learning activity.