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    Eckhart Tolle

    Eckhart Tolle Wisdom

    Eckhart Tolle ~~~~ I wish everyone could know this... :-)

    in de stilte, vrij van alles, ontdek jij wie je werkelijk wilt zijn en bent...... #helderdromen #krishnamurti #meditatie

    alleen zijn is wat anders dan eenzaam....alleen betekent onderdeel van het…

    Utterly changes the come-from approach to creating a business based on purpose, don't it?

    So why be angry?

    Consciousness quotes to awaken you further into the 5th dimension. To read more about consciousness, open Https://

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    "All problems are just an illusion of the mind." ❤️☀️

    Metaconsciousness. But for judgement...the 'facts' don't have claws or weight. Mood is me.