Alexis Beck

Thu, 18 May 2017 22:45:50 +0000

Meet Chester! A 16 year old rescue cat


    Grumpy Irish cat - may the road rise up to meet your face

    A former shelter cat took to a wobbly kitty who couldn't find a home and became his family for life. This is BenBen. Before his humans found him, he lived a rough life fending for himself in the wild. BenBen @benbencatcatWhen BenBen was taken to the shelter, he had a crushed spine, several deep lace...

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    31-year-old Nutmeg

    didga cat enjoys pool with dog gopro

    Firefighter saves kitten's life

    Elfie & Gimli, brother and sister, are natural born munchkin kitties that were adopted in Canada. They are precious!

    Pregnant Cat Hides in Shelter Cage Fearing for Her Babies, But After the Freedom Ride... (with Updates)

    Treat your dog like this and you are a hero to me.

    Juat wanted to add a little cuteness to your day! <3, Your HSDG Team in Portland, OR