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Mon, 22 Feb 2016 19:59:43 +0000

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    Love birchwood, ply & formica kitchens from Uncommon Projects, this is in a Span house

    Plywood Cabinets - Mismatched materials with a uniform cut and placement.

    White doors, no handles Birch Plywood & Formica Kitchen by Matt Antrobus

    Similar shape & size to ours. I like the colour & handles. Corian worktop looks good. Don't like the wood splash backs. Well hidden fan & the cooker would look better like this as cleaner line without one full height. Not sure how spice cupboard idea would fit... One above & below?...

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    Kitchen Storage Ideas

    | k i t c h e n i n s p o | Love this kitchen with beautiful soft green fronts from Swedish Superfront. If you by any chance have missed Superfront it's the perfect way to easily get a modern & new look of your kitchen. [& that green colour, how nice isn't it towards a marble top? Great, if you'll ask me!] | Photo via broker Fastighetsbyrån

    Hope Rd | Plywood Kitchens | Make Furniture More

    H O M E by Swoon - The Kitchen by Brandler London - #kitchen #reclaimedkitchen #reclaimedwood