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Pumpkins - fun and beautiful autumn decor


    I can hardly believe it. Where we live this week the kids officially go back to school. Well not our kids. We don’t start homeschooling until next week. But still. Summer is unofficially over. Honestly I think that’s okay. September marks new beginnings in my mind. Maybe it was all the years I spent in school. I love the change of season. The crisp fall air. The colorful leaves. And

    Porch swing decor for fall

    Haus Eingang herbstlich dekorieren Schleife

    Halloween Folk Art by Melissa Valeriote

    Three Pixie Lane Green & white pumpkins and cotton*

    Create the perfect place to put your feet up with these sophisticated, travel-inspired pieces. Anchor the space with a black rattan chair and stool, and layer on black and white decor in a mix of complementary patterns. Stick to a simple color palette, adding pops of light wood and neutrals to keep the look feeling fresh and new.

    Thrifty Fall decor and DIY ideas www.settingforfour.com

    Heirloom pumpkins...striped pepins, pale kudzoos and white patty pans...all from Baker Creek Seeds

    tour 25 fall porches, porches, seasonal holiday decor, wreaths, Sweet vignette from Adventures in Decorating

    Harvest Pillow Cover Collection

    Paint pumpkins in your color scheme